Spunky Faith Counseling

Hi! I am so excited to meet you here. My name is Kelly Mendoza, and I am here to tell you it’s never too early or too late to make your visions come to life!

I have lived far too many years not knowing who I was, or what I valued. I always was looking for “my place”. I became a wife, and I used my husband to fill the gaps. And, even though we had the greatest adventures and he gave me the best love a person could, he couldn’t fill what was missing in my life.

Then, I became a mom. I put my heart and soul into being a mom. I dedicated my life to my kiddos. It is an important value of mine – being a good mom. But, as amazing as being mom is I still had a part of me that felt empty.

I started trail running. Not being a runner, I felt invigorated to see how far I could go. I felt like I was finally doing something for me. Not for my husband or my kids, but for me. Every time I pushed myself and ran further, I felt proud of myself. And yet, no stride could fill a void I still felt.

Why did I feel as if something was missing when I had everything?

I had a relationship with Christ. I knew I needed to grow stronger with Him, but I felt I was doing that when I was faithful to my husband, caring for my kiddos and relying on Him to give me strength for the long runs. I prayed to Him, sought Him in my heart. But, I didn’t fully trust Him. It was a hard realization to have. To know Christ but not KNOW Christ.

Learning to give myself to God didn’t look like I thought it would. He calls us to spend time with Him. Read the Bible, pray intently to Him. It sounds so simple. But our lives are packed full as it is. Yet, when I spent more time with God I noticed my trust in Him grow. God filled that void! I found my identity in Christ. I didn’t need to look any further – He was that missing piece all along.

God is good. God is faithful. God wants us to grow and to do great things. He wants us to glorify Him though doing the works He has called us to do.

My purpose as a Life Coach is to help women of all ages live the life God planned for them while they were being knit together in their mothers womb.(Psalms 139:13-14) We need God – especially in times like this. We also need support. With the Holy Spirit as our guide, I am here to support you so you can achieve your vision!

Let your spunky faith shine!