Question of the day:

Why is it so effortless to underestimate ourselves?

Have you noticed, it doesn’t matter where on the path you find yourself on right now. Whether in the valley, climbing the ridge or on top of the mountain with difficulties seemingly behind you for the moment, there are still miscalculated self thoughts. Where on the path you find are may determine the level of response we give to those feelings. How aware we are to their crippling hold – their deceitfulness.


I know it is easy to sell yourself short to keep you in a place where risks can’t tear your comfort zone away. No matter what you may think at this time, you are not in control. Doubt controls your abilities. Before embracing your fortitude and taking that step towards your joys, desires and knowledge-backed dreams you halt and think. What could go wrong. What if I can’t do it? What if I mess up? What if….? What if….? What if…?

What if’s are important in the fact that we are prepared for the situation we are putting ourselves in. Going on a road trip and preparing for the worse case scenario is different that not going on the vacation because there may be a worse case scenario. What if’s are important to help you weed out the bad ideas from the good ones. What if’s are bad when they limit your abilities. When they prevent you from taking the steps towards your goals.


Oh my goodness, do you see where you are? You have taken the steps to achieve your goals? So why are you downplaying where you are right now? You chose to not be stagnant and allow the false comfort of accepting the what if’s as they maintain their hold over you. It’s okay to have fears as you take those steps. It keeps you on guard for the detours that will present themselves to you.

Detours are an easy way to end up back in the valley. If you allow the fear to settle for too long, you may end up believing you can’t do something. Hold strong, because if you couldn’t do it, you wouldn’t be where you are right now. Those feelings come either by your own senses – reminding you are out of your comfort zone, or by Satan – because he sees us doing something taking the control away from him. He doesn’t like that, and he will do anything to send false narratives into your mind to prevent you from moving forward.


This has to be the craziest place to feel self doubt. But, we do. We achieve what we set out to do, and we still feel we aren’t good enough. We didn’t do it right. We missed something. What ever “it” is, we still don’t believe in ourselves. Even after our great accomplishments. The question must be asked, what is the level of doubt you are experiencing? Could it be you are humbling yourself? Instead of owning your accomplishments, you are downplaying them? Or, do you really feel you didn’t do good enough?

It can be hard for someone who is not an adventurer to acknowledge ones own achievements. There is still comparison, or the desire to do better or go further. It’s okay to want more, but it is not okay to make light of where you have brought yourself. Remember, people are looking at you as their inspiration. You did something they are working towards right now! Something they may have not released the control of doubt so they can take the first steps. Downplaying your achievements lessons the impact of overcoming your own fears and what if’s to achieve what you did. Be humble, but don’t devalue your accomplishments!


It is easy to sit and write about giving you permission to kick self doubt out the door. To embrace the strengths you have and run with them. And yet, I am aware we each have experiences, feelings, and unfortunately hurts that have a different type of hold over us than that of self-doubt. It creates other obstacles one has to overcome. Sometimes, multiple levels of obstacles.

I can humbly and solidly say, those obstacles that appear to be seemingly impossible to overcome, are actually some of the easiest barriers to break through. That is, once you own the desire to move forward. By that I mean, it is hard to give yourself permission to release the control you have gripped for so long – your protector. Taking steps to allow yourself permission to release the control, bit by bit shows you can still have control and release it at the same time. You have experiences now that will help you set boundaries, see red flags easier, and know when something is negative in your life and let it go. The process to own that desire to move forward is scary. But, it is the best thing you can do for yourself!

Self doubt, underestimating, fear….these may always be a part of our life. That does not imply we have to be controlled by them. We see them. Understand their meaning. Take the steps to re-route if they are valid, or accept their voice-note their insignificance-and set them down.

My prayer for you: May God show you the path you are called to be on, give you strength to continue through the obstacles, and give Him praise when you reach the top. To Him be the glory. He knows we are spunky believers. Don’t be shy to reach out to Him daily on your journey!

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