Let’s talk about passion. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of passion? Do you have a passion in your life? Is it something you love to do such as art, reading, or hiking? Or is it a passion for a current relationship ? Have you mastered your passion(s), or are you the “jack of all passions-master of none” ? Do you find yourself drawing a blank on what your passion truly is?

Let’s start with looking at the definition of passion. Merriam-Webster defines passion as: 1. a strong feeling or emotion. 2. an object of someone’s love, liking, or desire. 3. strong liking or desire.

Okay, so strong emotions are involved. Got it! Strong emotions or feelings for someone, a liking, or a desire. That is easy enough to understand. A strong feeling for someone is maybe a spouse, child, or good friend. A strong feeling for a liking perhaps is nature, writing, or singing. A strong emotion for a desire could be building your relationship with God, have intentional family time, or write a book.

If those are easily enough to understand, why would it be that most people don’t pursue their passions?

There isn’t really a blanket answer, or to say it differently, an answer that will be a good fit for everyone. One thing I have noticed is as we get older, we reevaluate our priorities which may include passions. As a young lady there may have been a life altering event happened that put a pin in passion journey. Whether it was college, career, marriage, parenting, or a traumatic event that caused you to redirect your priorities. And, that doesn’t have to mean the journey was a bad one, or an unfulfilling one. It just means passions on hold.

We know we never stop growing or changing. Just like children, they don’t stop to enjoy a stage in their development because they are always eager to get to the next stage. They are always striving to do things on their own, and it doesn’t stop until they reach the age that responsibilities start to determine for them what they want to do vs. what they have to do. If responsibilities get in the way, how does one follow their passions and take care of those “have-to” responsibilities?

It start with being aware of what you have strong emotions or feelings towards. What makes you feel passion when you do, are around, or even think about them. You should know what that is in your life, but if you are like me you put your passions on the back burner and put other people’s passions on the front. You may have to dig deep to reexplore what really excites you. Look at your life and make a list of the most important things to you. What are the things, people, and characteristic that you value. Out of those, which are the top ones that you value most. What do you wish you could do – if nothing stood in your way? How does that thing relate to your value list?

Once you identify what you have a passion for, you need to develop a plan to take action towards it. Following your passion is like any goal we set for ourselves. We start out strong only to find ourselves loose drive to follow through or loose sight of it when obstacles present themselves. Except with a passion there is more emotion involved so it may leave us feeling deeply unfulfilled when we get off track. To prevent this, you have to create an action plan, or a SMART goal. Just because you are following a passion does not mean your strong desire will keep you on track. Especially if you are someone who already will put other peoples joys before your own.

When you create a SMART goal, it is best practice to share it with someone who you trust and can help you be accountable. You may be wondering, why do you need accountability if you are accomplishing a passion. Isn’t that just for goals? Good question. There may be times you don’t need accountability, however, when you face obstacles it’s nice to have a trusted person who knows what you are trying to achieve and they can be your support and accountability to help you navigate through it. Some of your passions may depend on your SMART goals and having someone who knows what those are and can hold you accountable to meeting the deadlines. Having an accountability partner has been proven to help you be successful.

The ways you can let yourself down when seeking your passion is by not knowing exactly what it is, having too many or too much on your plate, not setting specific action steps, and not giving it to God. If you are failing at finding fulfillment with your passion, maybe you are chasing something that brings you great joy but is not your calling. I view some passions as a place where God has purposed you. I encourage you to pray about your passions and invite God to show you the path He has predestined for you.

Are you ready to explore your values to help you identify your passion? Do you have a desire that you are ready to make happen? Contact me to sign up for a discovery session today and let’s start moving towards what God has called you to do.

Because everything we do is with a spunky faith that never gives up.

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