Feeling confident is a tricky thing. Doesn’t it seem like you either have it or you don’t? And if you don’t, then tough luck? It that really how it is? What breaks confidence anyway?

The experiences we have had. The hurts we have felt, the abandonment we have faced. Relational hurdles, the ones we don’t always share, those come at our confidence first.

Distrust = Confidence Wrecker

It is often tied up in how we look, what we wear, the words we use, the job we have, or the people we socialize with. The outer parts, the superficial parts are what comes at our confidence next.

Comparison = Confidence Wrecker

The things we say to ourselves. I’m not good enough. I can’t do XYZ. It’s too late. I’ll never be as good as… The limiting thoughts we throw at ourselves knocks down our confidence the most.

Negative Self-Talk = Confidence Wrecker

If we are aware of these things, isn’t it time we stop allowing them to wreck our confidence? It so easy when you say it – why is it so hard to do? It is scary to take the leap and do or try something new. People expect us to act and behave the way we always have. So when we are ready to make the change we get a lot of kickback. Who are we fooling? We expect us to act and behave a certain way! Whether real or imagined we get kickback followed by the fear of failure.

You know what God says about this?

for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.
2 Timothy 1:7

You know what this means?

When you are facing relational hurdles you know you have a spirit of power. The power to lean on God and allow Him to take all your worries away. Will the hurdles disappear? Maybe not right away if ever, but with the power of God, you will learn to move right past them. You can confidently have strong relationships.

Power = Confidence Booster

At the start of the comparison game to determine your confidence, squish it right away. Who cares? YOU are confidence because you have a spirit of love. Loving yourself is super important because you can’t love others if you don’t love yourself. And yet, you find you will love yourself more when you start looking at others with love.

Love = Confidence Booster

Hearing those negative thoughts creep into your mind will come on strong. They have been with you for awhile. That will change when you rely on the spirit of self-control. Having self-control takes action. You need to armor yourself with the word of God. God tells you who you are to Him. Knowing who you are reminds you of your worth.

Self-Control = Confidence Booster

These words are written for myself as much as I write to share them with you. Our stories/experiences of why we allow confidence wreckers into our lives may be different; but, the tools God gives us are universal.

It’s what we hold onto – our spunky faith.

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