Spring is in the air activating our minds to think of all we want to accomplish. With the cold winter months behind us and the pandemic restrictions lifting our minds are working overtime to make the changes we have been stewing over. We have plans!

We thought we had plans. We have been thinking about it long enough. We thought we were out of the funk. The freshness of spring gave us the strength to be ready – to make the changes. The overthinking…it just won’t stop.

It is easy to allow our thoughts to take over. Once we have it all thought out, it will be easier. We know planning is the best way to achieve a goal. One problem. Overthinking is not planning. Overthinking causes you to stay stuck. God doesn’t want you to stay stuck in your thinking.

It is possible to change your overthinking mind. It takes awareness and action. I’d love to hear if you tried one (or more) of the four tips to stop overthinking in it’s tracks. Leave a comment on this post and let me know!

Keep strong in your spunky faith!

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