Hi Ladies! Let’s talk about our connection with God.

What does “I connected with God” look like to you?

We hear people talk about how they connect with God. It could be when they are reading their Bible. Or, when they are in nature. Maybe it’s when they are spending time in fellowship with their favorite group of ladies. Beyond a doubt there are numerous ways people connect with God.

What does your time connecting with God look like to you? Are you having conversations with God? Do you spend it in prayer, seeking direction or asking for forgiveness? Are you trying to figure out how this whole, “connection with God” thing works?

How do you feel when you are connected to God?

Many times people who talk about their connection with God speak in terms of how it makes them feel. They feel confident because they know they are not alone – God is with them. They sought God for answers and they received them. They have had hard times and they are upset at God for the path they were put on.

When you think of your feelings when you connect to God, what does that look like to you? Can you explain if there are right or wrong feelings? Do you feel the distractions with the busyness of your life interfering with your connection to God? Do you question if the feelings you have with God are real?

What is Connecting with God?

Are you reading this and wondering what connecting with God even is? Or, you have heard it so many times and you feel you are doing it, but you really are just going with the motions of what you think you should be doing – when in reality you have no clear vision of what connection with God looks like.

No matter where you are in your journey with God, reaching out to God in prayer is the first step to a connection with God. God hears us. He wants to have conversations with us. But, it’s hard for us in the twenty-first century. We don’t get to hear God speaking to us from the heavens or through a burning bush. Instead, we get to hear God through His word and the Holy Spirit.

I understand how hard it can be to connect with God. Especially when we follow strong women in ministry on social media or hear podcasts and see how strong their connection with God is. Their knowledge of the Bible and Biblical facts is intimidating at times. It can make us feel unworthy. We get stuck in our thoughts of the connection we feel we don’t have we forget to recognize the connection we do have.

Your connection with God isn’t intended to be a theatrical production with your grand performance. It doesn’t have to feel a certain way, in fact it can feel many ways depending on the reason you came to God. It becomes more clear the more consistent you are with your commitment to Him. Reading the Bible, praying, spending time thanking Him, and seeking Him when like we would a mom, or good friend. Connecting with God is being present with Him. As we do, we establish our trust in Him.

That is why I call it Spunky Faith. It takes courage, determination, and zest to commit to your connection with God.

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