God Meets Us Where We Are

Have you ever noticed how God doesn’t call on the perfect person? At least not what we would consider perfect.

When God made this promise Jacob was on the run because of his sins. He stole the blessing from his brother Esau, and Esau wanted to kill him. Jacob ran from his family, his home, everything that was important to him because he was frightened. Have you ever felt like running away from everything? Afraid of what others, or even God thinks – let alone our own controlling thoughts.

How easy it is for us to run away because of the shame we feel when we sin. It doesn’t matter how big or small, justified or not our sin is, we feel the shame and the discouragement that goes along with it. And, that is when God steps in!


God didn’t look at Jacob and see his sin. He saw the plan He had set for Jacob. When Jacob saw the stairway to heaven, Jacob made a promise to always follow God if God kept His promise to him. Jacob had to have faith in spite of the shameful deep low he was in. If Jacob didn’t trust his dream; if he didn’t trust God could bring him through his depression he wouldn’t have become the father of many nations.

God is the greatest transformer! God sees our sin, but He doesn’t want us to stay there. He patiently waits for to come to seek His forgiveness – given to us through the blood of His Son, Jesus. He turns our hearts from shame to honor.

I totally understand. Reading about Jacob in the Bible sounds too unattainable for us. We don’t get to see a stairway to Heaven to validate our faith. And even if we had a dream so vibrant it felt real, would we really give ourselves completely to God with no hesitation? Our faith is a blind faith. Totally sight unseen. But God doesn’t leave us in the dark. He has given us two tools to help our faith grow.

One: The Holy Spirit. When Jesus rose from the dead, He sent us the Holy Sprit to guide us. When we call out to God for guidance, he uses the Holy Spirit to answer us.

Two: The Bible. The scriptures we read are the words of God and helps us grow in wisdom. You pray to God to hear you, to answer your prayers, to give you discernment and wisdom. God gives us the Bible to know Him more and the Holy Spirit to guide us along the way.

God meets us where we are, whether we feel we are ready or not. Don’t wait until you feel you are ready, allow God to meet you where you are today.

Connect with your Spunky Faith!

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